Survival Mindset: Protection & Awareness

/Survival Mindset: Protection & Awareness

Survival Mindset: Protection & Awareness

Survival Mindset, started and taught by Rick Capozzi, aims to effectively communicate and provide average citizens with an enhanced awareness and a better and faster response time in high pressure active shooter scenarios.

Since 1991, Rick Capozzi (a native of Franklin, PA) has been delivering personal growth and development training as well as providing global marketing services. The world has been his classroom. As an international speaker, consultant, and writer, his travels have taken him to South America, Mexico, Canada, Japan, throughout Eastern and Central Europe, and to all but 9 states in the USA. He delivers as many as 160 speaking engagements per year.

Join us at the Cooperstown Public Library on Monday, October 23rd from 5:30 – 6:30 pm for a presentation on basic protection & awareness with Rick Capozzi of Survival Mindset! This event is free & open to the public. Register today by visiting or calling the Cooperstown Public Library at (814) 374-4605.

The event is finished.

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