The Oil City area’s hidden heritage is one filled with ingenuity, largesse, culture and so much more. The city’s incredible success was fueled by great wealth and exceptional talent. Much of our heritage, though, is unknown to many of us. The Oil City Heritage Society and the Oil City Library believe our city’s legacy should be shared and enjoyed. To that end, we will share our community’s stories and pictures on our Hidden Heritage blog. Stay tuned for historic as well as quirky entries that tell our history.

Grove Hill Legends

Grove Hill Cemetery, a sprawling graveyard on Oil City’s North Side, was dedicated in June 1871.

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Grocery Stores

An Oil City resident didn’t have to walk far to shop for groceries in the mid-1950s as dozens of

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Female Heroes

Many Oil City women have left their marks on the nation’s history. Two city women – Lois Brundred

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Guardians of Tradition

In its bustling beginnings, Oil City offered an enormous array of social, benevolent, recreational

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Oil City’s sizzling hustle and bustle as a result of the region’s early petroleum industry drew

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The City of Oil City was booming in the mid-1950s. The population was listed as 18,500-plus

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Library Hall

The Oil City Library, one of 1,412 public libraries built in the United States more than a century

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Wharfs & Steamboats

The Allegheny River was a prime transportation route for all manner of goods for more than 200

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