Assistive Technology

Video Magnifier at the Oil City Library

The ultimate desktop video magnifier, TOPAZ XL HD provides high-definition magnification with the sharpest image and the crispest text, allowing for low magnification levels that fit more text on the screen for faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue. With its extra features and computer connectivity, TOPAZ XL HD is the video magnifier of choice for those looking for maximum productivity in work and school environments.

Topaz Video Magnifier

Visually Enhanced Computer at the Franklin Public Library

The Visually Enhanced Computer caters to visually impaired patrons with its innovative features. The computer features a high-resolution screen & adjustable font sizes. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience. The computer also offers a range of assistive software, including screen readers and magnification tools, empowering patrons to independently engage with digital resources, browse the internet, and access a vast array of literature.

Visually Enhanced Computer

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