Assistive Technology

Video Magnifier at the Oil City Library

The ultimate desktop video magnifier, TOPAZ XL HD provides high-definition magnification with the sharpest image and the crispest text, allowing for low magnification levels that fit more text on the screen for faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue. With its extra features and computer connectivity, TOPAZ XL HD is the video magnifier of choice for those looking for maximum productivity in work and school environments.

RUBY Handheld Video Magnifier

The RUBY handheld video magnifier is small and lightweight enough to fit into a pocket or purse, yet provides the magnification you need to help you read or see details, whether you’re at home or on the go. This is available to check out with a library card through any ORLA location, or can be used in-house at the Oil City Library. 

Visually Enhanced Computer at the Franklin Public Library

The Visually Enhanced Computer caters to visually impaired patrons with its innovative features. The computer features a high-resolution screen & adjustable font sizes. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience. The computer also offers a range of assistive software, including screen readers and magnification tools, empowering patrons to independently engage with digital resources, browse the internet, and access a vast array of literature.

Sensory Bins at the Franklin Public Library

These thoughtfully curated bins are designed to engage individuals of all ages & abilities, providing a multisensory experience within the library setting. Equipped with a variety of tactile materials, visual stimuli, and auditory elements, the sensory bins cater to diverse sensory preferences. Whether it’s the soft touch of textured objects, the vibrant colors of visual aids, or the soothing sounds from auditory components, these bins aim to create a welcoming & accessible environment for everyone. There are currently four bins available to use: Ocean, Ice Cream, Butterfly, & Garden. If you’d like to use one of the sensory bins, please ask a staff member at the Franklin Public Library for assistance.

What is LAMP?

The Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians offers people who cannot access the printed word a way to restore their love of reading by shipping for free materials in accessible formats like braille, audio, described movies and large print directly to patrons across Pennsylvania. In addition to physical content, LAMP also provides digital access to downloadable audio or braille to hundreds of thousands of titles. If you cannot read standard print due to blindness, a visual disability or because you can’t hold a book or turn pages or, if you have a reading disability such as dyslexia – then this service is for you. LAMP is made up of two National Library Service network libraries in Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Free Library of Philadelphia.

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