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Past Issues

January 2022ORLA’S BEST BOOKS OF 2021 ARE HERE. The votes are in! 9 of the most-loved books at Oil Region Libraries get their moment this month (and rightfully so – they are pretty amazing!). Learn more about upcoming library events & workshops, the 2nd annual Winter of Reading challenge, returning youth programs, and more by reading this month’s issue!

February 2022 – HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A SPACE OPERA? Hint: They’re not about astronauts singing in outer space. You might’ve already read one without actually realizing it’s an entire sub-genre! This month, we highlight some shining stars (no pun intended) in the Space Opera realm of literature, as well as some upcoming events, programs, projects & workshops at Oil Region Libraries.

March 2022 – ON THE HEELS OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH AND FREEDOM TO READ WEEK, it’s important to recognize that the ‘Right to Read’ hasn’t always been free and accessible to many populations in America. This month’s issue sheds light on a very formative component of library history that you may be surprised to learn: the modern book club was largely shaped by marginalized groups in a centuries-long fight for the freedom to read. This month, learn more about the origins of the modern book club, as well as some upcoming events, programs, projects & workshops at Oil Region Libraries.

April 2022IN CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK, we’re kicking off a brand new fundraiser in the absence of The Week of Giving – the Founders Fund. You can also cast your vote to pick your favorite books to be painted on the Oil City Library steps! This issue gives you all the details about how you can help preserve library services for Oil Region Libraries, as well as some upcoming events, programs, & projects at your library!

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