The Oil City area’s hidden heritage is one filled with ingenuity, largesse, culture and so much more. The city’s incredible success was fueled by great wealth and exceptional talent. Much of our heritage, though, is unknown to many of us. The Oil City Heritage Society and the Oil City Library believe our city’s legacy should be shared and enjoyed. To that end, we will share our community’s stories and pictures on our Hidden Heritage blog. Stay tuned for historic as well as quirky entries that tell our history.

Oil City Boat Club

Financial success and a keen interest in finding a recreational outlet prompted a group of Oil City

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Early Theaters

Oil City boasted several theaters in its early history. Patrons could enjoy a wide variety of

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Oil City’s early history featured a favorite four-legged critter – horses. As the city prospered in

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Parochial Schools

Catholic education has a long history in Oil City as a result of efforts undertaken by hundreds of

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Peaches & Parking Meters

Oil City’s unique history can come out in bits and pieces. The community can claim one-of-a-kinds,

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State Street Bridge

Efforts to build the first bridge across the Allegheny River at Oil City began in 1863 as more

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Oil City Trains

For decades, Oil City was a railroad hub for both freight trains and passenger trains. The rail

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All-America City

The City of Oil City enjoyed a time of unprecedented growth and incredibly good fortune for most of

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