The Oil City area’s hidden heritage is one filled with ingenuity, largesse, culture and so much more. The city’s incredible success was fueled by great wealth and exceptional talent. Much of our heritage, though, is unknown to many of us. The Oil City Heritage Society and the Oil City Library believe our city’s legacy should be shared and enjoyed. To that end, we will share our community’s stories and pictures on our Hidden Heritage blog. Stay tuned for historic as well as quirky entries that tell our history.

Rich and Famous

Many Oil City residents earned high recognition as well as enormous wealth. Others, meanwhile, have

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Quirky Links to Oil City

Oil City and the surrounding area luxuriated in wealth gained from the booming oil and gas

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Oil Well Supply

Oil Well Supply, located in a sprawling plant in Oil City’s Siverly neighborhood, was one of the

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The Winter Midway Plaisance

The Oil City Relief Association and city hall teamed up in December 1894 for a week-long celebration

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Maybe She’s Born With It

Oil City’s unique history can come out in bits and pieces. The community can claim one-of-a-kinds,

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Second Presbyterian Church

A Milestone in 2022 Second Presbyterian Church, one of Oil City’s most imposing churches, marked its

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Say Cheese

The Oil Valley was awash with investors, speculators, shopkeepers, teamsters, drillers, producers

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South Side: 50’s & 60’s

Oil City’s South Side business district encompassed a four-square-block area that was filled with a

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