The Oil City area’s hidden heritage is one filled with ingenuity, largesse, culture and so much more. The city’s incredible success was fueled by great wealth and exceptional talent. Much of our heritage, though, is unknown to many of us. The Oil City Heritage Society and the Oil City Library believe our city’s legacy should be shared and enjoyed. To that end, we will share our community’s stories and pictures on our Hidden Heritage blog. Stay tuned for historic as well as quirky entries that tell our history.

Music, Literature and Faith

The 2021 year was a time to celebrate several anniversaries of well-known institutions in Oil City,

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Buffalo Bill

An entertainer considered by many to be the epitome of the Wild West showman made frequent

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The Boom

Oil City offered teenagers in the 1950s and 1960s a wide array of social venues. Key among the

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The threat of health scourges from polio to influenza, cholera to coronavirus, is a topic that finds

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Oil City All-Stars

Oil City can claim a three-time medal winner in the summer Olympics who later gained fame in

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Hasson Park

How about calling it the Peoples Park? Or maybe, Petroleum Park? What about Honeysuckle Hill Park?

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Oil City was a top destination for the traveling circus shows. The popularity of the city as a prime

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A Historic Anniversary

The City of Oil City, marking its 150th anniversary in 2021 as an incorporated city, owed its early

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