2022 Issues

January 2022 – ORLA’S BEST BOOKS OF 2021 ARE HERE. The votes are in! 9 of the most-loved books at Oil Region Libraries get their moment this month (and rightfully so – they are pretty amazing!). Learn more about upcoming library events & workshops, the 2nd annual Winter of Reading challenge, returning youth programs, and more by reading this month’s issue!

February 2022 – HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A SPACE OPERA? Hint: They’re not about astronauts singing in outer space. You might’ve already read one without actually realizing it’s an entire sub-genre! This month, we highlight some shining stars (no pun intended) in the Space Opera realm of literature, as well as some upcoming events, programs, projects & workshops at Oil Region Libraries.

March 2022 – ON THE HEELS OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH AND FREEDOM TO READ WEEK, it’s important to recognize that the ‘Right to Read’ hasn’t always been free and accessible to many populations in America. This month’s issue sheds light on a very formative component of library history that you may be surprised to learn: the modern book club was largely shaped by marginalized groups in a centuries-long fight for the freedom to read. This month, learn more about the origins of the modern book club, as well as some upcoming events, programs, projects & workshops at Oil Region Libraries.

April 2022 – IN CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK, we’re kicking off a brand new fundraiser in the absence of The Week of Giving – the Founders Fund. You can also cast your vote to pick your favorite books to be painted on the Oil City Library steps! This issue gives you all the details about how you can help preserve library services for Oil Region Libraries, as well as some upcoming events, programs, & projects at your library!

May 2022 – BLOOM AT YOUR LIBRARY THIS SPRING! Our ‘Paint the Steps’ winners have been picked, as well as the ORLA Teen Poetry Contest winner! This issue gives you a sneak peek at this year’s Summer @ Your ORLA Library program, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

June 2022 – SUMMER IS HERE! Lots of renovations have been taking place & we can’t wait to show you how they turned out. There’s also a Designer Purse Bingo this month that you won’t want to miss! This issue gives you all the details for this year’s Summer @ Your ORLA Library program, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

July 2022 –  🎶THANK YOU FOR BEIN’ A FRIEND🎶 Joining your library’s Friends group is an awesome way to stay involved & volunteer at your library. Special library events are in full swing now that summer is here – Franklin Public Library introduced a new Community Conversation series & the Oil Heritage festivities are coming up soon! This issue highlights our Friends of the Library groups, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

August 2022 – Happy August! Our summer program has come to a close, and school is starting soon. The 2nd Annual Oil Region Festival of the Book is slated for the 27th, and the Cooperstown Library is hosting a painting night! We’ve got a busy month ahead of us & we hope you’ll join us for some fun events. This issue highlights some great Campus Reads, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

September 2022 – HAPPY SEPTEMBER! Libraries aren’t just places to read or check out books – they’re also places to CREATE! ORLA locations provide many opportunities for all ages to create something awesome – whether it be at a library program, a take-home activity, or even if you’re just hanging out at the library for a few hours! This issue highlights some exciting opportunities to ✨CREATE✨ at your library, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects!

October 2022 – HAPPY OCTOBER! It sure is starting to feel like fall – A.K.A. Applefest® Book Sale Season! 😊🍎🍂 We have an exciting new fundraiser debuting this month called “Library Lotto” that gives YOU a chance to WIN BIG! This issue puts the spotlight on Diversity Before University, a new reading challenge for teens, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

November 2022 – CALLING ALL WRITERS! Writing an entire novel in a month sounds like a lot, but it’s actually quite achievable. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so it’s the perfect time to put your skills to the test. This issue offers tips & resources for writers, as well as some upcoming events, workshops, & projects at your library!

December 2022 – BOOKS ON WHEELS is an exciting new program designed by our Youth Services Coordinator, Annie Welsh. Learn more about how ORLA is partnering with local Elementary Schools to provide access to new & diverse books in this month’s issue!

2021 Issues

January 2021Last year may have been a complete dumpster fire, but we’ve picked out the best bookish parts for you to start out 2021 with some fresh reads! We’ll also be detailing some specific new service changes & a Winter Coding Contest!

February 2021This month, we celebrate Black History Month by highlighting Black excellence in literature & exploring the importance of supporting Black creators and Black-owned businesses.

March 2021We’re focusing on sustainability & buying local this month, featuring an interview with Core Goods Co-Owner Ashley Sheffer, along with some recommended reading & tips to get you started on an amazing sustainability journey!

April 2021National Library Week is this month, & this year we think it’s important to explore an important initiative: Libraries Are For Everyone. Find out what this really means, plus get a sneak peek at Summer @ Your ORLA Library 2021!

May 2021 – Oil Region Libraries are celebrating a special anniversary this year! You don’t want to miss this issue, especially if you love history. Can you believe we’ve been around for 150 years?!

June 2021 – We’re here to give you all the details about Summer @ Your ORLA Library (formerly known as “SummerQuest” or “Summer Reading”) this month & we hope you’ll join in on all the fun this Summer. Plus, there’s some pretty cool prizes up for grabs…

July 2021 – July is HERE! This month, we’re discussing the puzzling disappearance of one of the most famous authors of all time, nearly 100 years ago! You’ll also get the inside scoop on Pennsylvania’s new Library of Accessible Media & a brand new Festival debuting at the Oil City Library next month!

August 2021 – Can you believe it’s already August? Our Summer Programs may be wrapping up, but new programs are on the way! Get the latest on new programs and workshops in this issue, as well as some exciting updates at Franklin Public Library and ORLA’s first Oil Region Festival of the Book!

September 2021 – Fall is in the air and we’ve got some exciting things coming your way! ORLA libraries are going fine-free. Yes, fine-free! Learn more about this important step we’re taking, as well as some amazing fall events & workshops, by reading this month’s issue!

October 2021 – WHY IS IT SO FUN TO READ SCARY THINGS? Maybe we’ll never really know, but in the meantime we’ve jam-packed this issue with a ton of them for you to read if you agree! Learn more about fall library events & workshops, enjoy our staff reviewing some of the worst books they’ve ever read, and more by reading this month’s issue!

November 2021 – November is Native American Heritage Month! We’re highlighting & celebrating Native American Heritage with a booklist packed with Indigenous stories, authors & perspectives. Learn more about upcoming holiday events & workshops, our new Museum Pass Partner Program, new youth programs, and more by reading this month’s issue!

December 2021 – Contrary to popular belief, superheroes & villains aren’t all that graphic novels have to offer. Graphic novels are read by all ages & cover a plethora of topics. For December, we’re highlighting some of our favorite graphic novels, as well as several ‘Holiday Happenings’ going on this month! You can also vote for the Best Books of 2021 & support the Oil Region Libraries during our annual appeal.

2020 Issues

January 2020Marking the end of a decade (& the beginning of a new one!), ORLA’s first issue highlights the top books of the decade, new staff & programs, & a new feature that makes renewing your items so much easier.

February 2020 ‘Love Your Library’ Month is here & we want to know why YOU love YOUR library! Plus, learn how you can show your love for libraries this month by eating out at a local restaurant.

March 2020 ORLA is once again participating in BBCF’s annual Week of Giving! In this issue, we answer the questions: What is the Week of Giving? What can ORLA do with your support? How can you support your libraries during the Week of Giving?

April 2020 – Oil Region Libraries may be closed, but we’re still here for you. In this issue, learn how you can use your library during a closure & how you can help to limit the spread of COVID-19. Plus, the Week of Giving results are in!

May 2020 – Discover new ways to use your library from home & get up to speed on recent changes to upcoming voting procedures & the 2020 U.S. Census.

June 2020 – Library services are starting to look a little different. In this issue, we fill you in on everything you need to know about the “new normal” at your library & some very important announcements about SummerQuest!

July 2020 – Welcome back! The Oil Region Libraries lay out their reopening plans & service changes in order to keep you safe & informed. We also share some of your SummerQuest creations & announce our new, shared website.

August 2020 – Celebrate International Women’s Day with our list of fierce, female authors of the 21st century. Plus, we introduce new virtual programs you won’t want to miss!

September 2020 – The spotlight this month is on Banned Books Week! In this issue, we take a closer look at some of our favorite challenged books, as well as exploring what it means to ‘Stand Up For Libraries’.

October 2020 – We’re celebrating all things “horror” during this spooky month, as well as the return of in-person programming at all ORLA locations!

November 2020 – Did you know that children’s picture books, on average, contain 50% more rare words than primetime television or college student conversations? This month, we explore the ‘Power of Picture Books’ with some great recommendations from our Youth Services Coordinator, as well as 2 new digitally available resources & an Amateur Photography Contest!

December 2020 – Snow got you gloomy? Participate in ORLA’s new Winter Reading Challenge for all ages! Plus, we give you all the details on how to support your library this year with ORLA’s 2nd Annual Appeal.

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